New residents

New residents may belong to any of the above categories. We support them before they arrive in our country, helping them learn about the Italian system and manage their international assets

New residents may be entrepreneurs, professionals, Executives or Rentiers who have chosen to set up their residence in Italy (for example under an Investor Visa).

Banca Finnat teams its knowledge of the specific requirements in this area with tools for monitoring and managing movable and immovable assets, even beyond national borders: from Italian and Swiss trusts to the Luxembourg Management Company to Italian property SGR - all of which are part of Banca Finnat Group.

Our institute can provide quick and simple help to new residents taking their first “Italian” steps, from opening banking relations - including remotely, taking an average of 5 days - to issuing guarantees for lease contracts, to the construction of financial portfolios that are subject to the particular rules in place for the different tax regimes in these areas.

Our constant focus is the client, which also extends outside banking, with support in selecting the professionals best suited to the client's requirements.



Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.