Family Office

The Family Office at Banca Finnat Group is a global family Advisor that coordinates and integrates all the activities surrounding administrative financial management and family wealth governance.

Independence and high quality service, to protect, enhance and pass down the family's financial and cultural assets, helping to guarantee an adequate and secure level of wealth for future generations.

What we do

  • Investment management, including asset allocation, risk management, investment analysis and due diligence, as well as assistance in all transactions and sales of assets
  • Administration services, including handling relations among family members in their capacity as estate beneficiaries, etc
  • Protection of the assets built up by the family over time, often through business
  • Development of family assets and thus maximisation of the return on accumulated capital
  • Control of assets, through the identification and management of risk components
  • Planning and coordination of social and charity aspects
  • Consolidation of financial position and returns, including those referrable to other intermediaries

Our management model

The Family Office at Banca Finnat Group follows a rigorous model that envisages an Integrated Plan aimed at getting to know the client's family and analysing its assets, which takes place over five phases:

  • Collect information on the family
  • Family Mission Statement: representation of the family philosophy and identification of strategic lines of action to achieve the mission
  • Family Goals: setting family goals
  • Risk Assessment: analysis and assessment of the various components of the asset (Account Aggregation; Investment Analysis; Family Governance Strategy; Family Advisory; Estate and Art Review; Insurance Review)
  • Operational plans: definition of strategic lines of action in all areas of interest (Finance, Business, Real Estate, Arts, Insurance, Philanthropy)



Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.