Real Estate

InvestiRE SGR, a fund & asset management company, is a sector leader with over 7 billion diversified assets across a wide range of products and markets.

The Company, part of the Banca Finnat Group since its foundation in 2002, has integrated highly complementary experiences and skills into all risk profiles, strengthening the group of shareholders with corporate players of primary standing.

With over 40 managed funds, it is a leading partner for corporate investors in Italy and abroad thanks to a consolidated presence on the residential market but also in alternative asset classes such as health and hotel infrastructure.

The Company also operates in highly complex sectors such as Social Housing, urban regeneration - using the most up-to-date best practices - and distressed asset / non-performing loan management, having developed a wide range of skills that help it stand out as an integrated player.

In its traditional activities, it selects investments and ensures their dynamic, efficient management throughout the duration of the Fund, up to divestment and final liquidation, with a view to guaranteeing maximum return for investors. It also acts as management consultant and provides a project management service, particularly useful in value adding projects.

InvestiRE SGR, always active in product innovation, serves a broad client base of mainly corporations, using its specialised skills in various markets for both public and private products.

Pension funds, insurance companies, welfare funds, national and international corporate investors, and professionals are the main clients the Company has worked with for the almost 20 years it has been a leader on the market.



Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.