Banca Finnat organises a number of high-profile events throughout the year, such as round tables, conferences, workshops, training courses for various categories, which are attended by people from the world of economics, academia and business in Italy and abroad.

These initiatives are mainly held at the Bank's headquarters in the prestigious Palazzo Altieri in Rome - whose sumptuous 17th century interiors provide the perfect backdrop for such events - as well as our premises in Milan and Novi Ligure (AL).

The events organised by Banca Finnat are important opportunities for institutions, experts and professionals from the banking and financial sector to meet and talk.

Banca Finnat also organises a number of CSR events, such as guided tours, cultural, musical and arts heritage activities, as opportunities to meet clients, but they are also open to representatives from civil society and business philanthropy.

The Bank also launched “Finnat Academy”, a new project aimed at providing dedicated training to young people. The initiative is an opportunity for improvement and growth, and the ultimate goal is to create a strong community where young people can exchange ideas and opinions during the events organised by the Bank. Click here to view the InvestiRE SGR Master Class section.

We hold a number of sporting events throughout the year, particularly around golf, with competitions held all over Italy. These events are an opportunity to meet our clients - outside the usual professional setting - and to promote this important showcase sport in Italy and abroad.


Here are some of the main events organised by the Bank over the years:

Economic scenario for I half of year
Economic scenario for II half of year
Conferences on legal and fiscal matters
Conferences organised in partnership with top law, notary and commercial firms.
Presentations to the financial community
Vernissage events organised in collaboration with the best-renowned auction houses
Private guided tours of Italy's most beautiful museums and archaeological sites
Private guided tours of private residences
Training sessions for young people
Invitationals and golf matches at Italy's best-renowned courses



The constant and constructive dialogue we enjoy with clients and stakeholders is built on innovation, readiness and professionalism in communication.