Directors and Officers



Chairman of Board of Directors


CEO and General Manager

Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman Giampietro Nattino
Chairman Marco Tofanelli
Deputy Chairman Lupo Rattazzi
CEO* Arturo Nattino
Director Roberto Cusmai
Director Independent Alberto De Nigro
Director Giulia Nattino
Director Maria Sole Nattino
Director Independent Maria Teresa Bianchi
Director Independent Vincenzo Marini Marini
Director Independent Paola Pierri

* Anti-Money Laundering Officer of the Bank and the Group

Risk Committee

Chairman Independent Vincenzo Marini Marini
Nomination committee Independent Paola Pierri
Nomination committee Independent Alberto De Nigro

Remuneration Committee

Chairman Independent Maria Teresa Bianchi
Nomination committee Roberto Cusmai
Nomination committee Independent Vincenzo Marini Marini

Appointment Committee

Chairman Independent Maria Teresa Bianchi
Nomination committee Lupo Rattazzi
Nomination committee Independent Paola Pierri

Board of Statutory Auditors

Chairman Salvatore Ferri
Permanent Auditor Laura Bellicini
Permanent Auditor Barbara Fasoli Braccini
Alternate Auditor Pamela Petrucci
Alternate Auditor Nicola Pironti di Campagna

Surveillance pursuant to Legislative Decree 8 June 2021 n. 231:

Chairman Salvatore Ferri
Nomination committee Laura Bellicini
Nomination committee Barbara Fasoli Braccini


General Manager Arturo Nattino
Duputy Co-General Manager Giulio Bastia
Deputy General Manager Alberto Alfiero

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