We support our business clients not only in managing assets but also in generational handovers and in the special operations relating to their businesses

Banca Finnat helps its business clients manage the assets built up through their work.

Business and family assets are closely interconnected and this is why we offer advisory and asset management support, with an integrated approach aimed at combining investment solutions with wealth management tools, from asset protection to generational handovers.

We know that businesses are often the primary asset of our clients, and we provide support throughout the process, from start-up to growth to divestment. We offer a corporate finance service specialised in supporting businesses and expertise in corporate governance of family businesses, to help the entrepreneur towards an effective generational handover and corporate and family governance.

We have particular expertise in the management of “post exit”, including through a family office service.



Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.