Services for Listed Issuers (S.E.Q.)

S.E.Q. services are a range of administrative and back office services relating to centralised management at Monte Titoli, so are aimed at listed or pending Issuers.

In addition to Corporate Broking services, already listed Issuers can also make use of the Bank's full range of solutions to requirements associated with the centralised management of securities at Monte Titoli.

Banca Finnat can also formally take on the following roles:

Support Bank - Paying Agency (Bank appointed for billing)

The Bank that must be appointed by the Issuer for the purpose of the Issuer Account being activated by Monte Titoli.

Paying Bank

The Bank appointed by the Issuer to make ordered payments to Monte Titoli as a result of Centralised Management Service operations, e.g. dividends, coupons and reimbursements.

Paying Bank RCC

The Bank appointed by the Issuer for the Client Fee Recognition service (RCC) relating to the reporting of names and activities carried out on the securities files of end investors, during corporate actions.

Collecting Bank

The Bank appointed by the Issuer to handle operations relating to the withdrawal of amounts resulting from capital operations carried out by the Issuer (e.g. Paid capital increases, exercise of warrants, etc.).

Collecting Bank DVP Issuance

The Bank that handles the withdrawal of amounts resulting from unlisted financial instruments directly placed by the Issuer according to DVP ISSUANCE procedure.

Settlement Agent Bank (Direct Placement by Issuer)

The Bank that handles operations relating to the settlement phase in “Delivery Versus Payment” or “Free Delivery” mode of the subscriptions made as part of a Direct Placement by the Issuer, where the latter made use of the option to subscribe newly issued financial instruments through its own placement activity towards a limited number of interested parties. In the event the activity of the Agent Bank takes place with the input of a financial intermediary officially appointed by the issuer to the role of “broker”, the SEQ contractual framework would be supplemented by further specific contractual provisions.

Calculation Agent

The Bank appointed by the issuer to determine the interest accrued on bond issues, including convertible bonds, based on the interest rate at the nominal value of each bond, in accordance with the Regulations of each Issue.

Fraction Agent/Share Grouping/General Appointments Service

The Bank appointed by the issuer - during mergers, incorporations, groupings, etc. - to make available to its shareholders a service allowing them to round off the number of shares due in application of the Exchange Rate set out by the corporate transaction.

Appointed Intermediary on ExtraMOT Pro

The Bank appointed by the issuer to act as dealer for the purpose of distributing issues through the trading platforms made available by Borsa Italiana.

Management of withdrawal, option and pre-emption

The Bank appointed by the issuer to coordinate collection, settlement and liquidation of the exercise of withdrawal (by shareholders who, according to law, are entitled to do so) and the consequent exercise of option and/or pre-emption of the unexercised rights (by shareholders who did not take part in the approval of the meeting's resolution entitling them to withdraw).

LTI Plan Management (Long Term Incentive Systems)

The Bank appointed by the issuer to coordinate all executive aspects of LTI plans, including the establishment of the stock of securities necessary for assignment to beneficiaries, management of lock-ups on the assignees, any sell-to-cover requirements, etc.

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