Order forwarding procedures

Corporate Investors can reach the Trading Room, and in particular their traders, by phone. In some cases, however, further technical procedures are required to manage the flow of orders and executions. Banca Finnat's procedures are in line with the highest technological standards.

Transmission of order flows in interconnection:

Banks and SIM clients can be electronically connected to the Bank's Order Collection System via interconnection, which enables order collection procedures to link directly with Banca Finnat and, therefore, with the markets for any type of order (bonds, shares, derivatives, Italian and foreign markets). Already active protocols are FIX, CSE and the standard LIST platform.

Transmission of orders via BLOOMBERG:

Corporate clients that have terminals can enter their orders directly in a mask set up by Bloomberg on the instructions of Banca Finnat (on the page recalled with EET6 and selecting Banca Finnat) and receive the fiche relating to the order on the same terminal.

Communication of executions:

Banca Finnat can arrange for the confirmations of order executions by Corporate clients to be sent in a variety of ways: e-mail, fax, file transfer, etc. in a wide range of formats, to facilitate the crucial need for automation.

If your bank is interested in this service, please contact us for the necessary technical and commercial agreements: istituzionali@finnat.it

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