Placing Managed Saving Products

Asset Management: Placing and Distribution agreements

The Bank also offers Corporate Clients - particularly Banks, SIM and distribution networks - the opportunity to expand their product portfolio by entering into placing agreements so that they can offer their own clients the same solutions that Banca Finnat offers its clients. In particular, agreements may involve GP lines or sub-funds of the New Millennium SICAV, with the possibility of also creating ad hoc products.

Placing of Finnat Asset Management

Banca Finnat offers interested intermediaries who do not have their own range of products the possibility of offering its Management lines for placement to clients, with the possibility of customising them to meet specific desired requirements.

Banca Finnat Distributing Bank
Responsibilities Definition of the distribution agreements. Possible enabling of “ad-hoc” management lines Handling of the administrative activities (reporting, tax aspects, account keeping, etc.) Assistance for distributing brokers. Customer relationship
Remuneration Management fee Reconveyance of part of the management fee. Possible application of entry and exit fee

Placement of New Millennium SICAV

New Millennium is a Luxembourg-based SICAV compliant with the UCITS V Directive (harmonised) and authorised for placement in Italy. The company is structured as an umbrella fund and includes various sub-funds, each dedicated to a determined asset class, geographical area, sector or a particular investment strategy.

Banca Finnat, as General Advisor and Main Distributor of the SICAV, promotes placement agreements with counterparties interested in expanding their range of products in distribution. Thanks to their independence and autonomy, the sub-funds offer investment solutions that stand out from the typical offerings of competitors.

If your bank is interested in this service, please contact us for the necessary technical and commercial agreements:

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