Finnat Asset Management

Asset Management Services

The offering of Managed Savings products and services to Corporate Investors is aimed at providing access to these investment solutions - some of which are customised - by subscribing to them directly, or distributing them through its own sales networks in order to expand the range of products offered.

The Bank's particular focus on Asset Management is also borne out by the Luxembourg management company NATAM and by the Luxembourg-based SICAVs - particularly the New Millennium SICAV set up in 1999 with over 20 years of history - which can also represent a vehicle which, with partnerships, can meet the most sophisticated requirements.

Banca Finnat's experience and high level of specialisation have led it to set up the NATAM Man.Co., which offers administrative and governance support in the interest of Luxembourg-based SICAVs, not only of the group but also of third parties.

If your bank is interested in this service, please contact us for the necessary technical and commercial agreements:

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