Banca Finnat and CO2 emission trading (EUA)

Banca Finnat has always looked at ways of extending its offering of Brokerage services. In 2013 it set up a desk dedicated to the greenhouse gas emission quotas market (“Emission Trading”) and joined the European Union Registry of emissions, managed in Italy by the Ministry of the Environment.

The desk is active not only on derivatives markets in emission quotas (mainly ICE Futures Europe), but also in the execution of orders on the spot market: to protect and guarantee Clients, the Bank also adopts trading methods for these transactions which are already consistent with “MIFID” requirements and are therefore based on maximum transparency, efficiency, security and shorter timeframes.

On 29 January 2019 Banca Finnat joined the ICE market as a ‘General Participant’, further strengthening its role as a primary bank operating in the emission trading system (ETS). Membership enables the Bank to carry out direct clearing activities on the ICE Clear Europe system, further extending the range of services offered to industrial clients and to other intermediaries needing a trader and a clearer admitted by ICE. In addition to brokerage, the Banca Finnat desk (the first Italian bank to join the European Union Registry for emission trading) also proposes customised risk management solutions to optimise compliance costs for ETS participants, as well as other solutions aimed at using the value of the emission rights portfolio.

Why trade in CO2 with Banca Finnat

Parties subject to the EU ETS directive who choose to operate through Banca Finnat will enjoy particular protection and an important series of advantages:

  1. The reliability of a Banking Institution with extensive experience in financial brokerage and trading, and the application, in the context of CO2 emission rights, of the most consolidated and tested policies and best practices;
  2. The security of a counterparty already compliant with MIFID, under which CO2 emission rights are governed (MIFID II), which ensures ‘best execution’ conditions especially on spot OTC transactions;
  3. Consultancy dedicated and focused on industrial traders subject to compliance, with a view to proposing customised solutions in terms of risk management and management of the value of the CO2 emission rights portfolio;
  4. Constant updates to the framework governing the ETS, especially at a time in which current legislation is to go through major change with the move to phase 4 scheduled for April 2021;
  5. The availability of a weekly market report on the performance of quotations of EUA certificates, which can help traders reflect on and finalise their carbon trading strategies;
  6. Solid, consolidated contracts: trading is governed and assisted by a typical banking contract and by specific attachments for CO2 trading. By adhering to these contractual schemes, the Client may also and at any time access the full range of banking and financial products dedicated by the Bank to companies.

If your bank is interested in this service, please contact us for the necessary technical and commercial agreements:

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