The Corporate Clients and Banks using Banca Finnat's trading service recognise our institute not only as a traditional Broker on Borsa Italiana and the main international markets but also as a “partner” in all brokerage-related issues. Banca Finnat's operations are not limited to the segments of Borsa Italiana (of which it is a direct member); they also extend to all the main stocks, bonds and derivatives markets. Specialist desks ensure efficient operations on OTC markets where Corporate Bonds are traded. Attention is also paid to niche segments of potential interest and development: the recent launch of CO2 emission trading, for which it has a dedicated desk, is concrete evidence of this.

Our bank's trading service also uses the most advanced IT, particularly in relation to the management of order flows and executions with clients, counterparties and markets. All of this allows us to offer high quality trading services. In particular:

  • to Corporate Investors
  • to Issuers
  • to Bank Order Collection sectors.

If your bank is interested in this service, please contact us for the necessary technical and commercial agreements:

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Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.