Corporate Broking Services

Banca Finnat assists Issuers both with listing operations (usually on Euronext Growth Milan - already AIM Italia) and, if the Issuer is already listed, with Corporate Broking activities.

Borsa Italiana obliges Issuers of securities listed on the Euronext Growth Milan (already AIM Italia) and Euronext STAR Milanmarkets to appoint and maintain a Specialist, who must guarantee and sustain the liquidity of the securities on the market. This appointment can also be activated, on a voluntary basis, on other Borsa Italiana segments. In the role of Specialist, Banca Finnat is the broker with by far the largest number of appointments on the AIM segment. The Bank carries out similar tasks on Euronext STAR Milan, Euronext MIV Milan and, in general, on Euronext Milan (MTA), providing a range of services that go beyond the minimum required by law.

Analyst Coverage / Equity Research
The primary objective of the coverage of a company by a financial intermediary is to increase the flow of information between the company and Investors in order to enhance the characteristics of the company and its activities. Coverage is usually provided by Banca Finnat in conjunction with the Specialist appointment.
Banca Finnat is fully aware of the growing importance of ESG factors and strives to bring out characteristics in the modus operandi of Issuers that are in line with ESG best practices, highlighting them in its own research. To that end, analysts examine these aspects, using a questionnaire drawn up by the Bank's Equity Research Department.

Liquidity Provider
In this area Banca Finnat operates on behalf of the Issuer based on working practices coded by Consob with a view to sustaining share liquidity on the market for an established period of time, so as to facilitate regular trading and avoid price movements that are not in line with market trends.

Securities Warehouse appointments
Banca Finnat assists the Issuer in the purchase of shares as part of a buyback plan (the Issuer repurchases its own shares already placed and traded on the secondary market). In this area the Bank also helps the Issuer to implement long-term incentive plans.

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